PSA Nitrogen Plants

PSA Nitrogen Generators work on the principle of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) to generate a constant supply of nitrogen from compressed air.  Being the reputed PSA nitrogen plant manufacturer, we use premium quality materials in the manufacturing of PSA system for nitrogen production. PSA plant comprises of two towers that are filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS). Processed air goes into the bottom of the on-line tower and moves through the carbon molecular sieve.  Here, oxygen and other trace gases are adsorbed by the CMS allowing nitrogen to pass through. When a pre-set time is reached, the on-line tower automatically gets switched to regenerative mode, removing venting contaminants from the CMS. However, carbon molecular sieve is made of smaller pore opening than the ordinary activated carbons. It makes small oxygen molecules to pass through penetrate the pores and be separated from nitrogen molecules which are too large to enter the CMS. Not being able to pass through CMS the larger nitrogen molecules is deposited as the product gas.

PSA nitrogen gas plant taps atmospheric air containing 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Ordinary dry compressed air is directed through high quality bundle of membrane fibers where nitrogen is separated from the feed air by selective permeation. PSA for nitrogen production system allows water vapor and oxygen to permeate safely to the atmosphere and the nitrogen gas is discharged under pressure into the distribution system. Pressure, flow rate and membrane size/quantity are the key variables that influence nitrogen production. Nitrogen purity is controlled by choking the outlet from the membrane bundle. If you increase the nitrogen flow at a given pressure and membrane size, it allows more oxygen to stay in the gas stream lowering nitrogen purity. On the other hand, if you decrease nitrogen flow it will increase purity. PSA nitrogen plants have the capability to generate nitrogen with purity up to 99.9%, which meets all industrial and medical applications.

The PSA nitrogen gas plant was invented about four decades ago by Carbotech GMBH Germany. Later, they developed PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption), which is a leading technology for producing nitrogen. Nitrogen molecules have got larger diameter than the oxygen molecules.

PSA Technology Details:-

PSA technology is  used for making nitrogen gas plants as the compressed air is passed through a dual bed system contains Carbon Molecular Sieves as desiccant and it has a preferential properties for adsorption of moisture first and then Oxygen.

The adsorbers are being operated at an interval of one minute, one after the other and in re-cyclic mode so that the Nitrogen is produced on continuous basis. Both the Adsorbers are interconnected with 8 valves scheme which operates automatically with the help of sequencer. The nitrogen produced is collected in a reservoir called Surge Tank.

Further various type of purification systems are being developed in India as well based on customer’s needs. The operating cost is mainly the power and generally 0.6 KW/Nm3/Hr for commercial grade Nitrogen & 0.8 KW/Nm3/Hr for UHP grade Nitrogen.

We have been manufacturing PSA nitrogen plants since 1985 and have continued to improve our PSA plants. Since our establishment, we have been quite able to make our machinery highly efficient, cost-effective, user friendly and maintenance free.