Nitrogen Generator Manufacturers

Nitrogen generators are used for generating nitrogen gas from compressed air using pressure swing adsorption technology. We offer PSA nitrogen gas generators in various models with capacity ranging from 20m3/hour to 500m3/hour. Purity of the nitrogen gas generated through our pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator range from 95% to 99.99%. PSA nitrogen generation plants are designed for 24/7 operation. The touch screen control has user friendly interface with automatic start/stop function based on gas consumption. Being the leading PSA nitrogen generator manufacturers, we use high quality materials in the manufacturing of PSA system for producing nitrogen. We are reputed for using the premium quality material and components in the fabricating of the plant machinery. The PSA nitrogen generation plant was invented about four decades ago by Carbotech GMBH Germany. Afterwards, PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) process was developed which has now become the leading technology.

Standard Features:-

We manufacture and fabricate PSA nitrogen gas generators for sale in Germany, Turkey, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, etc. It is our business endeavor to deliver PSA nitrogen gas generation plants to our customers which are at par with international standards and are also priced very competitively. Oxygen produced in our nitrogen generators meet the requirements of industries as well as medical institutions. Our engineers have long experience in designing which comes handy in manufacturing world-class machinery. Performance and efficiency of the machinery depends on how well the PSA plant is designed. Our PSA nitrogen gas generators are equipped with superior designs the customers from all over the globe prefer to buy from us. Prices offered by us are competitive and, moreover, not many PSA oxygen nitrogen plant manufacturers will be able to offer such competitive rates. On top of it, we also provide responsive after sales service.

The Technology:-

Nitrogen Generator is made of two columns filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS). Pre-treated compressed air enters the active column and goes through the CMS. While nitrogen passes through oxygen and other gas are adsorbed. On the other hand, the active column is pressurized. When pressure is released, column is inactive and completely regenerate.  PSA plant is made up of two towers that are filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS). We use premium quality materials in the manufacturing of PSA system for nitrogen production.  Processed air goes into the bottom of the on-line tower and moves through the carbon molecular sieve.  Here, oxygen and other trace gases are adsorbed by the CMS allowing nitrogen to pass through. When a pre-set time is reached, the on-line tower automatically gets switched to regenerative mode, removing venting contaminants from the CMS.  However, carbon molecular sieve is made of smaller pore opening than the ordinary activated carbons. It makes small oxygen molecules to pass through penetrate the pores and be separated from nitrogen molecules which are too large to enter the CMS. Not being able to pass through CMS the larger nitrogen molecules is deposited as the product gas.

Technical Specification:-

Flow rate                        : 1 Nm3/h to 1800 Nm3/h
Purity                              : 95% to 99.9995% (based on customer's requirements)
Dew point                       : Less than -50°C
Operating temperature : 5°C – 50°C